Sargent Portrait Study

Well if you’re ever feeling over confident about your painting abilities try copying a Sargent portrait. Definitely cut me down to size. I wasn’t attempting a likeness (and definitely didn’t achieve that) but wanted to see how I could do with the skintones. All in all not a bad attempt but will definitely need more work before next week.

Limited Palette – Final(ish) Results

Two limited palette studies. The left hand one is with quin magenta, cadmium yellow, cobalt teal. The right hand one is with naphthol red, cadmium lemon and winsor blue (green shade). Really surprised how close the colors are between the two sets.

This one is with the Zorn palette of cadmium red (actually naphthol), yellow ochre and black. Lovely muted colors and really surprised how blue that pot looks with only ivory black and white.

Wild Primroses with Paul Foxton

Wild Primroses. Michele Clamp. Oil on panel. 10”x8”

Today was the final session in Paul Foxton’s Threads group and it was a bit sad as I’ve enjoyed these livestreams and Paul’s teaching enormously. I put extra effort in on this study and I think it paid off. Many thanks to Paul and I wish him all the best.