Day 20 of 30 in 30 – Roses

Roses (from reference). Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 11″x14″

I couldn’t decide what to paint today. I started on an eagle but the drawing wasn’t inspiring me so I switched to some roses. I wanted to paint pretty loosely but this didn’t quite work out. Part of the problem was the soft press paper which dries quite quickly and I kept getting hard edges. But the other part was me and I had to work quite hard to pull things together. The end result turned out well – another one in the bag!

An intermediate:

Intermediate rose – day 20 of 30 in 30

Oil study – Lime Wedges and Backgrounds

Oil study for Threads

Well this was fun. I learned a lot here. The subject was a lime wedge against different colored backgrounds. In the end I used pretty much the same colors for the wedge itself but the background (obviously) and the foreground and reflection changed color. In particular that reflection, even though it looks yellow/orange is in real life a pure grey. Who’d have thought? In hindsight I should have known as a yellow reflection on a gray background will result in a neutral gray!

Here’s a closeup of the result

Lime wedge oil study