Learning from Zbukvic and Chien Chung Wei

Chien-Chung Wei and Joseph Zbukvic learning copies

Another set of Zbukvic and Chien Chung Wei copies today. Only 3 more as time was limited. Some successes (bottom left I was happy with) but struggled a lot.

2 thoughts on “Learning from Zbukvic and Chien Chung Wei

  1. Love it, so does my husband. Thanks for posting it inspires me to try. Did your tulips this morning, came out ok but not as much contrast as needed. I really need to leave my painting alone and not try to fix it. I also need to remember that the paint dries lighter. Looking forward to being inclass again. Cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy! Glad you tried the tulips – they’re tricky flowers to do.

      Hope to see you soon – or maybe in an online class! I really have no idea when we’ll be back at the art class.

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