Watercolor Landscape After Seago

Watercolor landscape after Seago by Michele Clamp

Back to basics with Seago and we’re now at day 20 of 30 in 30.   Not that Seago is basic mind you.  Far from it.   But after losing my way a bit on the last Venice effort it was time to back off and regroup a little.

Up early for this one – 6am start and it was still dark so the colors were a little hit and miss but it felt good.

Seago landscape copy - sky washes
Seago landscape copy – sky washes

Purely ultramarine and burnt sienna and put in very quickly with a squirrel mop

Original Seago landscape
Original Seago landscape

This is the original.    Beautiful yes?

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Landscape After Seago

  1. Well done! Very much of the Seago feel. I stumbled on an exhibition of his work at Richard Greene in London a few years ago, and I'd not heard of him before. What a delightful lesson. Your is beautiful.

  2. You lucky person! Being British Seago was already known to me although he's not widely known over here. He was sadly dismissed by a lot of the art critics in his time which is very sad as he produced a lot of beautiful work.

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