Sunflower Workshop

Sunflower watercolor painting by Michele Clamp
Phew! Another video lesson this afternoon and it was pretty intense. Flowers are tough at the best of times and require a huge amount of concentration. I’m exhausted! Everyone did really well – congrats to Cathy, Meredith, and MaryJo!!

Mine came out tighter than I would usually do but for me that is always the case when talking through a painting. I may touch this up and finish it off later.

If anyone is interested in joining me online for zoom lessons have a look at my upcoming classes

2 thoughts on “Sunflower Workshop

  1. I really enjoyed the class. It always amazes me to see how you put a picture together. I even like my own picture. Thanks Michele

    1. That’s good to hear Cathy – glad you enjoyed it! And you should like your own picture – the work you’re putting in is really paying off.

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