Rose Oil Painting – Block In Session

Paul Foxton rose workshop oil painting block in by Michele Clamp

It’s a long haul this oil painting lark. Today was a 4 hour block in session. I’m working larger today on a 16″x20″ panel which was a lesson in itself. More paint, bigger brushes, and trying to keep the shapes interesting at a bigger scale.

First the drawing.

All the main colors were pre-mixed as we’d already done a color study.

The main rose colors went in along with some of the dark greens to check values.

Starting the block-in with light and shadow colors

More colors on the background flowers.

The final block in with all hard edges

Final Block-In with Softened Edges

And the final block in with all edges softened. Next will be refining the drawing, sharpening up some edges and putting in detail. Phew!

2 thoughts on “Rose Oil Painting – Block In Session

  1. Dear Michelle
    Through following Paul Foxton i came across your beautiful roses. I love your shadow colours.
    I am in the middle of trying to make shadow colours. Was used to do that by mixing with complementing colours but Paul’s teaching munsell opens a whole new shaddow world. Still having to get used to mixing grey/black for warm/cold shadows.
    I would like to ask you if you would tell me the name of the easel you are working on. I need to sit in front of my panel and yours seems to function as a table. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out find a good adjustable aesel.
    Thank you in advance.
    Yours sincerely from the Netherlands

    1. Hi Pia,

      So nice to hear from you!

      The easel I use is this one

      Richeson Lobo easel

      I like it for watercolor as I can angle it flat as well as having it upright. I put a large drawing board on it so I can have my painting surface and also my palette on the same level. The drawing board is a lightweight wood one in the largest size (24″x36″)I could get (ultralite drawing board). The setup works well. I put loops of masking tape on the back of my canvas panels to stop them moving about. I also do this with the value scale as I’m always losing it. I can stick it to the board and it won’t go walkabout.

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