Last Demo and Day 1 of 30 in 30 – Standing Heron

This was the last demo in this terms classes. I really liked the contrast between the dark and light blues and the subtle shading on the neck. I really enjoy the classes and, even over zoom, it’s nice painting with a group of people. Having said that it will be nice to have some more time for my own work and hopefully paintings will be coming thick and fast in the next couple of months

Standing Blue Heron

Standing Blue Heron. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 11”x14”

Time for another heron. These are always popular but they are very tricky to do and never seem to get easier. Very happy with this one right now. Some nice detail in the feathers and the background brings out the lighter colors without overwhelming the bird. Let’s see if it still passes muster tomorrow morning.

If it does there’s also video which I’ll upload later.

Wading Blue Heron

Wading Blue Heron. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 14”x11”

Wading Blue Heron

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After a couple of false starts this heron finally came together. Surprisingly tricky to get the character of the bird with the lovely angled neck and feathered body. Love the loose edges in this which are crucial to getting the right feel.

Heron at Fiske Millpond, Upton

Heron at Fiske Millpond, Upton, MA

This was an ambitious one for me but has a lot of good stuff in it.    We were visiting our friends Mark and Geneen and Geneen mentioned that the pond up the road was beautiful and I might like to take a look at it for a painting.    She was definitely right and frankly I haven’t managed to do it justice here.   The reflections on the water are magical and we managed to catch a heron perching on the large rock in the evening sun.

A couple of intermediates :

The initial washes.

Almost there here.    Especially pleased with the foliage.