Intermediate Watercolor March 2024

References for March 2024 Intermediate Watercolor Classes

Welcome to the class page for this course! We’ll be doing a painting live each week and the references are in the image at the top of the page (I’ll be adding high res versions of these before each class). I may change the order a little depending on the difficulty and what I would like to get across for each subject.

On this page you’ll find links to all the reference photos, video recordings, zoom links, and any other info that crops up. I’ve also put a couple of links in to materials and tools.

(Note: This page doesn’t need a login but is hidden from public view. So unless you know the link it is inaccessible.)

I’ve also left the comments open at the bottom if anyone has any questions or comments to make. Also feel free to add comments/upload photos to each of the session pages.

Zoom Link

This will be the same for each of the sessions. I’ve included the passcode but if you click the link I don’t think you need it.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 829 0324 3771 Passcode: 597183

Watercolor Materials

This page has a pretty comprehensive list of the materials I like and recommend. If you’ve already been painting a while you almost certainly have everything you need so please bring what you’re used to.

Useful Tools

  • Value Scale (important – even if you make one yourself)
  • Link to ChromaMagic (for color matching on a photo reference)
  • Color isolator (not essential but can be useful)

Full YouTube Video Playlist

This contains all the videos for all the sessions and will remain up indefinitely.

The following section will contain links that go to individual pages for each of the classes. There you’ll find references, materials lists, and the video recordings.

Session 1 – Scottish Castle

Session 2- Daisies in Blue

daisies in blue
daisies in blue

Session 3- New England Snow Scene

New England Snow Scene Reference
New England Snow Scene Reference

Session 4- Two Macaws

Two Macaws Reference Image

Session 5- Venice Canal Scene Studies

Venice Canal Scene Reference

Session 6 – Venice Canal Scene Full Painting

Venice Canal Scene Reference

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