Intermediate Watercolor – Jan 2024 – Session 6

Thursday Feb 8th – 1pm-3pm EST

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My nemesis the snowy owl!!  I’ve left the best AND the hardest for last.   Very subtle values here and those markings are a one time only chance.   And of course the dreaded bird feet!!!  But they’re a wonderful subject so it’s worth all the pain.

Please do the drawing ahead of time as usual.

(All session materials are linked off the main page)


  • Student paper for mixing color swatches
  • 100% cotton paper for the full painting (I’ll be using 10″x10″)
  • Value scale (See the Useful Tools page)
  • Pencil/Paint/Palette/Water/Paper towels/masking tape
  • Brushes: A larger brush for the washes. A slightly smaller (10 or 12) for the face and later details.
  • Colors: Cobalt blue, Ultramarine, Burnt sienna, Vermillion/napthol/cad red (orangey red), Cad lemon/hansa yellow (greenish yellow), yellow ochre, black.

Reference Photo (click to enlarge and right click to download)

Snowy Owl Reference

Reference Photo with grid

Snowy Owl Reference with grid

My Version:

Drawing Video:

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The Drawing:

Class Video:

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6 thoughts on “Intermediate Watercolor – Jan 2024 – Session 6

  1. Today’s snowy owl -I lost the markings a bit and the wing feathers but I do think he looks quite 3D so overall I’m happy with him!

    My branches need a lot of work

  2. Michele, thank you for a great series on values, my weak area. The color app is a great tool to help.
    The snowy owl was a great lesson. I just wish I had practice a bit before adding the feather marks.
    All in all not bad looking.

    1. Values are always a good topic to focus on regardless of where we are in our painting ‘journey’. And I’m glad you like the tool. I’ve found I rarely use it any more when I’m painting myself. Just using it for a while trains you to perceive values much more accurately. I had worried that I’d become dependent on it but the opposite has happened.

      And you’re right – we should have done some practice on those markings beforehand. My bad…

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