Intermediate Watercolor Jan 2024 – Session 3

Thursday Jan 4th 2024 – 1pm-3pm EST

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I am really looking forward to this one. All those wonderful soft grays which we’ll do in many different colors. The drawing is paramount here – I’ve linked to the video below. For something like this where I really want to check my accuracy I take a photo of my drawing and import it into the canva app to see how much I’ve strayed. The video shows you how to do this. Not something I’d recommend on a regular basis but is great (if humbling) now and again to check accuracy.

Please do the drawing ahead of time as usual.

(All session materials are linked off the main page)


  • Student paper for mixing color swatches
  • 100% cotton paper for the full painting (I’ll be using 10″x14″ but 9″x12″ is a good size too)
  • Value scale (See the Useful Tools page)
  • Pencil/Paint/Palette/Water/Paper towels/masking tape
  • Brushes: A larger brush for the first washes. A slightly smaller (10 or 12) for the face and later details.
  • Colors: Cobalt blue, Ultramarine, Burnt sienna, Vermillion/napthol/cad red (orangey red), Cad lemon/hansa yellow (greenish yellow), yellow ochre, black.

Reference Photo (click to enlarge and right click to download)

White Cat

Reference Photo with grid

White Cat with grid

My first version

white cat original watercolor painting by Michele Clamp
White cat original watercolor painting by Michele Clamp

Lots of lovely soft edges here. I’ve kept it slightly unfinished in the paws – still undecided whether to go further.

Drawing Video:

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The Drawing:

white cat preliminary drawing
white cat preliminary drawing

Class Video:

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18 thoughts on “Intermediate Watercolor Jan 2024 – Session 3

  1. They’re both lovely and the faces are really night. As for the shape – I would be tempted to lose the left hand side completely and leave it going into white paper. It’s making them look a little chunky.

    But lovely work – and TWO!!!

  2. The cat on the left was painted before class. I think my values were better than in class. I am not a very good student in class. I believe by adding the additional colors in the grays it would have come out better and wetting first before adding paint would have improved the hard edges. Thanks Michele.

    1. It’s always hard to do good stuff in class I find. But both versions are very good. You’re right that losing some hard edges would definitely help. that right leg hard transition catches the eye. You could may try wetting that piece and try to soften it slightly.

      But they’re both lovely. The soft shadow under the chin in the second one is glorious.

  3. This was a more relaxed subject. It’s fun to see how all the cats have their own personalities!

  4. I loved working up all those beautiful grays, but I had/have a difficult time getting the soft blending that I so admire in your work, Michele.

    1. Yes it is difficult to separate things from shapes. Especially when there are faces involved. But those soft edges look fabulous. Really nice work Carol. Lovely to see.

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