Hare Today! Hare Watercolor Painting

Hare watercolor painting by Michele Clamp

I had never noticed how sculptural hares were until today.   This hare watercolor painting was a joy to paint and came out with bags of personality.

hare preparatory sketch
hare preparatory sketch

I even did a prepatory sketch for once!

hare watercolor drawing
hare watercolor drawing

Edit:   And I won 3rd place in the Daily Paintworks challenge!   Very chuffed.


7 thoughts on “Hare Today! Hare Watercolor Painting

  1. Michele – Your Hare Today is wonderful! The expression on its face is intense. Thanks also for showing the sketches. Question: what is the size of the painting?
    Thanks so much, Connie

    1. Many thanks Connie. He came out really well I think!

      The painting size is 14" x 11" (With a mat it is 20"x16").

  2. So great. What a fantastic lesson! Thank you for your generosity. Although at the moment I am not doing watercolor, I enjoyed reading you describe your process and it will help me in my decision-making for the next painting. 🙂

    1. No problem Laurelle. I have to say I’m not out of the woods yet. I’ll have more posts on the next couple of tries. I’m currently planning my next strategy after a frankly disastrous session yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get there in the end.

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