Swallowtail Butterfly Watercolor

I still haven’t moved over to the new palette as I’m trying to use up all the paint in the old one (amazing how long it lasts).    I’m left with a lot of orange, red and pthalo blue so colorful butterflies came to mind.

 It was good fun to use some bright colors for a change and he came out fairly loose.  Pretty happy I think.

I did a quick sketch in the small 5×7 sketchbook :

swallowtail butterfly watercolor sketch
swallowtail butterfly watercolor sketchswallowtail butterfly watercolor in progress

This actually came out cleaner which is often the way.   Easier on a smaller scale though.

For completeness here is it part way through when the initial orange washes went on :

swallowtail butterfly watercolor first washes
swallowtail butterfly watercolor first washes

Dolphins Sketch and Painting

A commission came in a couple of weeks ago for a painting of dolphins.   Now I haven’t painted dolphins before and I knew as soon as heard the request that I wanted to have them jumping and lots of water splashing around.   My next thought was – yeah and splashing water is really hard.

But I was excited to try this and spent a fair while looking at pictures of dolphins and water and made some sketches of how to group them

Sketches of dolphins Michele Clamp
Sketches of dolphins Michele Clamp

I knew as soon as I’d done the sketch that capturing the dolphin character wasn’t going to cause too much trouble.  They’re such lovely shapes and are a pleasure to draw.   The water however….

But in the end the water came out well.   I wanted to contrast the loose splashiness of the sea with the smooth lines of the dolphins and I think that comes across well in the finished painting.

Very happy with this.   

(Original now sold)

Hare Today! Hare Watercolor Painting

I had never noticed how sculptural hares were until today.   This hare watercolor painting was a joy to paint and came out with bags of personality.

hare preparatory sketch
hare preparatory sketch

I even did a prepatory sketch for once!

hare watercolor drawing
hare watercolor drawing

Edit:   And I won 3rd place in the Daily Paintworks challenge!   Very chuffed.