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More Sketches - Boats, Castles, Boston

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There’s something quite liberating about these small sketches. They’re quick to do and because of the small size brushwork and edges don’t need to be sweated over. And if one doesn’t work out - just do another one and it’s forgotten.

Corfe Castle sketch. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 5x8”

Boston Common sketch. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 5”x8”

Only 3 sketches today. The people in this one were the trickiest bit. A lot of watercolor artists tend towards what I call ‘stock' figures’ in their paintings. I feel that spoils things so I wanted to get more of a sense of real people walking towards me. I think it succeeded.

Sketchbook Time

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Still trying to get out of my painting funk. New strategy is to get away from the pressure of producing SERIOUS PAINTINGS and do a series of small things in sketchbooks. These are all in a 5”x8” moleskine which isn’t the most forgiving of papers but suits quick paintings. These were quickly done and much more fun.

Also while tidying I found this sketch which I wasn’t pleased with at the time but has quite a lot of charm now I have some distance from it.

Still Life - WetCanvas Wedgewood Tea Set Challenge

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Wedgewood tea set. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 8”x10”

They’re coming thick and fast today. This is my stab at the wetcanvas February watercolor challenge. A pretty tricky subject with all those ellipses but came out well.

Here’s the original image

Christmas Wreath

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Christmas Wreath. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 11”x11”

How about a Christmas wreath I thought. Shouldn’t be too tricky no? As it turned out it wasn’t too bad at all apart from one thing. I got about 2/3 of the way round and was extremely bored. It was about here:

But I soldiered on to the end and got a bit more splashy and am quite pleased with the results.

A little too tight in places but turned about pretty festive I thought.