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Tulips Revisited

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Tulips. Watercolor. Michele Clamp. 14”x11”

Another go at the tulips. Greens are always tricky so I calmed them down quite a bit on this one.


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Tulips. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 14”x11”

Somehow this one got away from me. All went well until I tried to beef up the background to make the flowers pop and it lost something. Lots I like in here though - the lushness of the foliage and the delicate yellows of the flowers. And especially that wonderful blue on the vase.

This was intended for a show and I think I’ll have to give it another shot. Many thanks to Elizabeth Leake for her kind permission to use her photo.

Some intermediates :

Droopy Tulips - Take 2

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Another try at the tulips although the last version grew on me a lot.    Started very differently here with the paper completely wet and and then blocked in the flowers and the leaves and let the colors mingle.   After that had mostly dried I went back to sharpen up some of the edges.   It definitely hangs together much better.

I added in the dark background at the end just to see and I think it works.

Droopy Tulips

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There's one thing you can always expect from this painting lark - unpredictability.    This was done from a lovely photo from my fellow painter Bobbi Heath 


Isn't it great?    And it *should* have been extremely paintable.   Lovely big flowers,  long straight leaves framing the blooms,   good outline,   crisp shadows.   It had everything going for it.    Unfortunately I just could not do it justice and the painting is not so much finished but abandoned and left for dead.



Great shame.  The drawing was fine - lovely shapes, fills the page well.

Just couldn't get there with the paint.  Do I try again?   Come back to it in a few days.   Pffft.   Maybe take up golf?

Edit:   It's been a couple of days and this has grown on me a lot.    A closer crop improves things no end and it's now allowed out of the studio.   Sometimes it goes like this - the struggle of painting overshadows the end result.

Flowers - 30 in 30 day 4

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Making sure I have a couple in the bag for the 30 in 30.   Daisies and tulips - my favorites.

WetCanvas March 2013 Challenge - Tulips

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March WetCanvas challenge

 was tulips.  Now I find flowers really hard (see 



 and oh my word 


) so I've left it to the last minute.  I went back to the

Charles Reid

 method of careful contour drawing followed by (almost) once and done painting.  I'm actually not too disappointed with this - the leaves have good movement and the tulips aren't a complete disaster.

Steps below :

Tulips sketch Wetcanvas Challenge

The contour drawing which I was pretty happy with.

Watercolor Tulips Wetcanvas Challenge

The first pass through where everything got covered.  The final step was to add more color to the flowers and enhance the darks in the leaves as well as add in a unifying background.