Dog Sketch

Sketch of Leo. Michele Clamp Watercolor. 10”x8”

I’m working with a student to paint her lovely cocker spaniel Leo. Had to do a quick sketch to see how the colors and values would work out. Think it will be ok.

Basset Hound – Yay!

Basset Hound. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 14”x11”

Basset Hound

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I don’t paint a lot of dogs. Dogs are tricky and I’ve shied away from them. But yesterday I was feeling in the mood for something different and a picture of a basset hound took my fancy.

I started him yesterday. Here’s the end of day 1.

Now this may not look like much but I was actually really happy at this stage. I’d managed to both get the white fur the right value and the shiny parts of the ears the right value. Once that was done the rest of it pretty much painted itself.

Wet Canvas December Challenge

Well it’s another month and another

challenge. These are often extremely challenging for me and this month was no different. I tried hard to hit the right colors and values with some success. The figure and dog are in shadow which made it harder. The skin tones are definitely too pink and the less said about the background trees the better but on the whole the struggle was worth it.

Some intermediates. This was at the end of the first session (about an hour).

I knew that I was too light in value on most of this and was intending to go back in and darken things up. Before doing that, however, I played around on the ipad trying some stuff out. Here’s the result :

I grayed off and darkened the skin tones a little which worked well. The dog’s white fur really surprised me in how dark it was. I didn’t manage to hit that in the final version but I think it worked well nonetheless. It was definitely a help being able to try things out without having to worry about ruining everything.

Sheep and Collie – Day 14 of 30 in 30

Something a little different today.  I wanted to do another dog to increase my chops and James suggested a collie with some sheep.  Pretty happy with this one.  The background is a little scrappy but has a certain charm.

I started off with a couple of thumbnail sketches. I still quite like the first one as it fills the paper a little better but in the end I went for something like the second one.   I liked the pose of the dog and the way the sheep were all bunched together into one big shape.

I started with the dog to get some darks in .   He’s rather fine I think.  I left the whites completely white at this point intending to go back at the end to put in some very subtle shading.   The dark parts of the coat came out well. Just a little variation in the value and added in some color to liven things up.

Now onto the sheep.  A lot of yellow ochre and again leaving the whites completely white until the end to put in some shadow.

Day 8 – Bulldog

This is a bit of a departure for me but I needed some preparation work for another project.   Someone has requested a large picture of ‘dogs playing pool’.  Yes.  Quite.   But it is a bit of a challenge and I haven’t had a lot of success with dogs before so some exploration is required.

Turns out that bulldogs are quite fun to paint and a bit like painting people.  I think he came out quite well.  A bit tentative but not bad for a first attempt.

Dog – Day 21 of 30 in 30

Back to something simpler today – Irish Wolfhound.   I was going to put in a background but decided it was fine as it was.     And I should have kept my trap shut in my previous post about my wonderful drawing skills – it took me ages to get the proportions right (or at least less wrong).

Head closeup – tried to keep things simple.

Portrait of Kayley the Dog.

Our good friend

 has probably the most well-behaved, good natured dog that has ever existed.   As much as I shy away from pets (fur is a tricky thing) I had taken some photos of Kayley that looked like they would form the basis of a good painting.

I’m working small again here – 5×7.   This was initially because the latest CCAE exhibition was asking for small things and I had some spare spaces.    This is a work in progress and the head isn’t quite right but I’m cautiously hopeful it will turn out well.

Note: Kayley is a Puerto-Rican rescue dog and so has to be spoken to in Spanish.