Still Life Studies from Wendy Artin Workshop

Radish. Michele Clamp on Wendy Artin Workshop

I will write more on the Wendy Artin workshop but here are the results to be going on with. First a radish!

And some preliminary sketches for the radish

And some sprouts! Who knew they were so difficult to paint?

Sprouts final study

And a preliminary sketch for the sprouts.

Sprouts preliminary sketch

Next a kohlrabi!

Kohlrabi final study. Michele Clamp on Wendy Artin workshop

And the preliminary sketches for the kohlrabi

Next some figs!

And a turnip!

Turnip study.

And finally another radish. This really was a stinker. Not so bad in the cold light of day but still….

Radish color background study.

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