Here are some links to reference photos and instructions for a selection of exercises and simple paintings.    For more demos please visit my youtube channel.  If you would like to join me in online classes or private lessons please visit my teaching page.

Lesson 1 – Simple Fruit Still Life

A simple setup to practice identifying values and colors.
Lesson 1 Materials and Instructions

Lesson 1 – Bonus Materials

A set of reference materials for more color-matching practice
Lesson 1 Bonus Materials

Lesson 2 – Macaw Demo

A brightly colored macaw demo painted in layers. The aim in this lesson is to complete each layer with the minimum of brushstrokes to keep the colors fresh.
Lesson 2 Materials and Instructions

Lesson 2 – Bonus Materials

More bird references to practice buiding up form with layers and adding in final details.
Lesson 2 Bonus Materials

Lesson 3 – Value Studies

Learning how paint consistency affects values and painting white cubes on a gray background.
Lesson 3 – Value Studies

Flower References
Flower Reference Photos