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Daisies and Carnations

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Daisies and Carnation

This is the fourth small flower painting and probably the last for a while.     Definitely a good way to make the best use of a 9.99 bunch of flowers!

All of these have been surprisingly challenging.  The close crop on the flowers strips away some of the usual things I would use to define the shapes.   There are no framing leaves or vase or overall flower shape to tell your brain 'this is a bunch of flowers'.    This means you have to be more precise defining your shapes within each flower.   As I like to paint fairly loosely this precision has to be offset by carefully choosing which edges to lose or soften.  Combined with the small format every brushstroke counts and it shows if things go wrong.

Having said that I think they've come out pretty well.   They look lovely together as a set and are a welcome punch of color when all is cold and wintry outside.


They look pretty fab to me.    If they don't sell in the next couple of weeks the next time I get to Ikea I'll pick up some smaller frames.    There's a space on my office wall that could do with some color.   (This is usually the cue for orders to come in.   That space on my office wall has been vacant for a while).


5"x7"/8"x10" matted.   Second picture shows painting as part of a set of 4

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