Week 1 of Paul Foxton Rose Workshop

Roses (from a Paul Foxton reference and workshop). Michele Clamp. Oil on panel. 10″x8″

It’s been a while since I’ve had the oils out. They don’t feel quite as unwieldy as they used to and this was a great session. I’ll probably do a little more to this one although probably not too much.

Some intermediates:

After the values are all blocked in

After all the edges have been softened. We then went back in and sharpened up some areas to bring contrast and definition.

Side by side with the reference.

Johannes Vloothuis Online Workshop

Workshop time today with Johannes Vloothuis. He did this in oil but I had a crack in watercolor. Doing this always reminds me how hard it is for workshop attendees to do good work. You have to concentrate on the instructor and also keep thinking about your own painting. Exhausting!

But I was fairly happy with this. In real life the foliage areas have less contrast which works better. I almost screwed up the background cliffs but just about brought them back. I’m undecided whether to put in more contrast in the buildings…maybe it’s fine as is.

Here’s the original photo. Pretty tricky. Wonder if I should try this in oil?

Gary Tucker Workshop – Rain in NYC

I zoomed another Gary Tucker workshop this weekend. It’s tough as he paints in a very different way to me and nothing really came out well. In fact my value study above was the thing i was most pleased with.

I did two paintings in the end. One paintings along with him and one today at my own pace. Here is the paintalong one:

Yes it’s a bit scrappy and I wasn’t happy at all at the end. After 24 hours though I can see some good in it. The values are strong and there’ssome nice color variation in the road. On the whole though I was rushed and didn’t feel I’d done it justice.

So today I did another version. Pretty much the same method – initial colored washes, second washed with a mid value, then the colors and the darks. Here it is:

The perspective is better but it still was a struggle and I’m uncomfortable painting this way. I’ll persist though – the big shapes are good and the values again are strong. Maybe one day…

Charles Reid Workshop 2015 – Day 9

So it was plein air painting today (outside to you and me) and we were down in the center of Gloucester near the maritime museum.  It was a great spot and we all had a great time.    Not least we were near lots of restaurants so we had the opportunity for a leisurely lunch for once.   I took full advantage of this.

Charles chose this view of the old paint factory and ten pound island (did I remember that right?).  In the foreground was a handy rock and miscellaneous dock materials.

We hogged the end of the dock for the rest of the afternoon.   Many people managed two paintings and I filled in some time with sketches.

My effort – not great but painting outside is such great fun I don’t really care.

Charles Reid Workshop 2015 – Day 8

People today (no more flowers thank God) and we got to paint nude models.   Charles was very wary of this and said we’d need all the luck we could get which shows you the amount of confidence he has in us.

This is mine – I went further than I would usually do with all the drapery and stuff which is probably too much but I didn’t care at that point.

It’s hard painting in workshops and I feel overly inhibited from trying much that’s new so everything is overly tentative.  It’s worth coming to watch Charles paint however.

And this is his painting of the second pose.

Charles Reid Workshop 2015 – Day 7 Painting 2


This one was a ‘throw caution to the wind’ affair.   After the first rather tight rendition of the flowers I wanted to see if I could inject a bit more energy into things.   It was *really* tough and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing most of the time.   It’s not perfect but I’m definitely moving the dial a little.