Oregon Landscape

Lisa provided us with a great photo for class. Lots of opportunity for texture and values. A lot was done wet in wet which gives you a bit more time to create the foreground effects. Pretty happy with this although I might just tweak the foreground values a little tomorrow to create more of a lead in.

Mabry Mill

A little tough this one and we battled through it in class. The aim was to break down a pretty complex scene into large areas of similar value to create a good value design but keeping it representational.

For anyone interested there’s a video of the final stages.

Freestyling Boats

There hasn’t been much fun in anything lately and that includes painting. We’re trying to get some online classes going which is turning out to be somewhat annoying but we’ll iron out the wrinkles I’m sure. I couldn’t muster up much interest in thinking about anything so I just painted freely without much thought.

Came out pretty well I thought.

Eilean Donan Castle.


Eilean Donan Castle. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 11”x14”

Always a favorite. There isn’t a view of this that isn’t worth painting. I especially loved the warm ochres of the castle contrasting with the blues of the sky and water.

Some intermediates:

I’ve also included a shot of my preliminary color swatches. I match the important areas to the Munsell system and practice hitting the right hue, value, and chroma. I can always tell if the color palette will result in a harmonious picture from the result. Definitely looked good for this one.