The Ugly Stage – Marblehead at Sunset

Marblehead at Sunset.

Another big painting today but this one is much more detailed. Right now it’s at the ugly stage and I’m unhappy with a lot of it but will keep the faith and soldier on tomorrow.

As before I did some color swatches. I wasn’t quite so happy with the palette this time but didn’t want to diverge from the reference too much. We’ll see if it all works out.

And a couple of intermediate shots.

Blocks and sunsets. Getting back in the groove.

Trying to get back in the groove after teaching. It’s proving to be hard – the mindset to teach is very different from painting my own stuff. I need to get out of the tram lines and trust myself to experiment a bit more. Even though I’ve been doing demo paintings each week I’ve held back a lot to keep to the principles we work on. It’s tough and makes the paintings a bit of a chore as I can’t experiment on the fly. And now I have the freedom to do what I want I can’t remember how it works.

So today is another wet challenge as subject matter is eluding me.

And some blocks just for a warm up.

I made a yellow block as yellow shadows are tough. It doesn’t go with the pink of my studio walls (which I will get round to painting someday) but the colors are pretty close to life.

Just a Bit of Fun – Sunset Edition

Sunset on the highway.  Michele Clamp.  11"x14". Watercolor on 200lb Bockingford

Sunset on the highway.  Michele Clamp.  11″x14″. Watercolor on 200lb Bockingford

So the paint just wasn’t going away and I was left with orange, red and phthalo blue.   So perfect for a sunset yes?   After rooting around on

  I found a sunset that looked doable but not fiendish.  My previous sunsets have left something to be desired and they can end up looking pretty cheesy.   This time I think I got away with it.   Pretty happy.



Sunset – Day 8 of 30 and 30 and going backwards

This was really tough and I almost didn’t post.  Not much to say really – had terrible trouble with getting the tonal values right.   The pier came out too dark and the sea too light and then when I went in and corrected it all just looks *meh*.

Steps below.

Started on the palm trees – was pretty happy at this point and hopes were high.

Oh dear – what is that pier thing doing?  Maybe I would have been better off without it completely.

Sterling Edwards Paintalong – Evening Winter Landscape

Rather enjoyed this one.    Having done a few of these now I’m getting the hang of substituting in my colors and brushes instead of his.   He has his own line of bristle brushes to give a nice ragged effect for trees and grasses.   I substitute in my synthetic flat brush for this reasonably successfully.  Ditto for colors.  He uses the Maimeri Blu brand and I do various conversions e.g.  brown stil de grain = burnt sienna,  primary blue cyan = cobalt blue.

Intermediate steps are below.

Some foreground trees – stage 2 darks.

Stage 4 – final detail.  Branches on the trees, more snow shadows and some leaf detail.