Happy Holiday Snowman

Snowman. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 8”x10”

Isn’t it always the way. You write a blog post on one day. You say how the preliminary sketches never come out right and it’s a really good way of working out problems. The next day you sit down and do the exact same thing and the sketch turns out to be the finished thing.

At the prompting of my CMO (i.e. James) a Christmassy painting was ordered. Apparently there had to be a snowman with a carrot nose, a tartan scarf and a robin perching on him. Well the tartan scarf wasn’t going to happen and since when do snowmen have tartan scarves anyway? But the rest seemed like a good idea so off I went. There wasn’t much reference material to be found so this is mostly from imagination but he came out well.

Happy Holidays to everyone – I will mostly be trying not to eat too much.

Snowman sketch – 30 in 30 day 3

So we were traveling back from Maine yesterday so there was no time for painting.   I had this sketch done in an alpha series Stillman and Birn sketchbook that had been done recently enough to qualify for the 30 in 30.     

Sketchbook paper always seems to let the paint dry very quickly and isn’t very absorbent.   This means you have to work quickly and embrace the slightly rough and ready result.   I think it worked pretty well in this case and it might be a finalist for the Christmas card series for next year.