Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 11”x14”

What a fun painting to do! Enjoyed all of this and I had the video cameras going too so it will up on youtube in the near future. A lot of careful color mixing which paid off and some nice splattering and wet iin wet color mixing in the castle walls. Very happy with this.

Here is the first part of the video – the planning, color matching and drawing stages.

And here’s the second part – the actual painting.

Rose Painting Experiment – Finished and now with Video!

My lovely husband set up the fancy microphone and camera to test out video today. Some people in my class like to see demos but I don’t want to take up too much of their time with me painting. So we thought about videoing me at home and I can then give them the links. Very much a work in progress but I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. We’ll keep going and work out the wrinkles as we go.

And I managed not to ruin the painting too. A good days work.

Horse Sketch

I have a commission that I really want to do a good job on.   Well of course I always want to do a good job but this one is, ummm, tricky.    Horses.   Horses with riders.   Not straightforward and even Mr Zbukvic says horses are the most difficult things on the planet.  So today was horse sketching day.     Not fantastically successful but progress is being made.   

And we have a video!    First time doing a time lapse on the iphone.   This was very professionally propped up on a coffee mug next to the water jar and came out well considering.

It’s very strange to watch this.   It looks like I just draw things and then color them in straightforwardly.    It is abolutely nothing like that in real life.    It’s a constant stream of decisions, problem solving,  mistakes,  going over stuff.     Also – next time shoot from the left hand side.  Will have to get the tripod out.


Airbrush penguin

Edit:  I may have to take this down.   It’s too cutesy and I’m fed up seeing it.
Back in the mists of time James had a website that ran a program in the background and informed you when it had started and finished.   We had a character called Bob the Scheduling Penguin that was in charge.   Here he is.   

And yes he has a belly button as tribute to the great cartoonist Steve Bell.
James requested an update to Bob and so I started on a cute, airbrushed penguin complete with belly-button.   I’m not a fan of the airbrushed look and I’m certainly not an expert but he has a certain charm.
One nice property of Infinite Painter is that it saves the progress of your painting in a series of images.  A quick pass through iMovie and you have a record of how you got to the final product.
Here it is warts and all.  Note the part where I managed to erase part of his wing by mistake.   You’ll have to run it full-screen to see the fine detail parts in the second half.