Pig Revisited

Pig pre-background.  I actually prefer this to the final version and debated whether to put any background in.   In the end I decided to push it to see what happened and regretted it.  Never mind – there will be other pigs.

Anyway – for January’s 30 paintings in 30 days challenge my next subject was ‘pig’.   It’s another animal I revisit periodically and they’re always fun to paint.   Their skin is pale but with a lot of subtle tone and color variation which is interesting to do.   There is always one thing that catches me out however – trotters!!!   Much like bird claws they always catch me out but I’m slowly getting there.

 The drawing.  Had several goes at the trotters before I was (almost) satisfied.

More Pig

The pig painting was very popular so I’m doing some more of them.   They’re quite fun – quick and have enough challenge to be enjoyable.   Here’s the latest – done in my new handmade sketchbook.

Pig on a fence.  He’s pretty small – about 4×3

And some context shots.