Marlborough Baptist Church – Done

Marlborough Baptist Church. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 16”x20”

Main Street, Marlborough, MA

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Finally finished. I left it on the easel for a couple of days and added a few finishing touches but it didn’t really need anything. Very pleased with this. It didn’t come out quite as I’d expected but it developed its own character as it went along. Always happy when that happens.

Small Paintings – First Baptist, Marlborough

I don’t usually do copies of paintings but I was in a bit of a bind this morning. The deadline for the small works exhibition was today and I had absolutely nothing of the right size to enter. As time was short I settled on painting one of my favorite subjects in recent months in a 5×7 format as opposed to a 11×14. Turns out it takes as much time painting a small painting as it does a big one – with extra fiddlyness.

Marlborough City Hall

Every time I walk past the Marlborough City Hall building I think – I’d really like to paint that.   Today was the day and it was a bit of a struggle and not very satisfying.    I intentionally cropped quite tightly as cityscapes can get very busy.   This should simplify things and make for a better painting.   There’s some good stuff here but, as so often,  not enough.    Will have to try again to do it justice.

Marlborough Farmhouse – Take 2


Over the past few days I’ve been trying to work on improving the values in my paintings.   My attempt yesterday had good color but the values were lacking.   Today the aim was to do a value sketch of the same scene and get a better pattern of lights and darks.   As it turned out I just painted the whole thing again which wasn’t the aim.   On the plus side the values are definitely better.    

Now it’s up on the screen I think I need to focus in more and keep the scenes smaller and simpler.   Too much is going on for me to really get to grips with those tricky midvalues.

(1/8 sheet, Lanaquerelle 140lb cp)

Marlborough Farmhouse


This is a lovely house literally a stone’s throw away from us and always looks so lovely nestled in the trees.   After my wrestling match with the Zbukvic scenes I thought I’d try something in a small 5.5″ x 7″ format to see if anything had rubbed off.    Frankly I don’t think so but it came out well nonetheless.

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Snow in Marlborough – Take 1 – Day 19 of 30 in 30

Snow in Marlborough

I had no idea how this was going to turn out.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a snow scene before so this was a voyage of discovery.    I think he came out quite well.   A little tentative in places and those trees could do with some work but for a first attempt I’m happy.  

Bodes well for the next 10 days.