Barn Finished

Pennsylvania Barn. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 11”x14”

Here he is and I managed to build on a good start. Those trees took

and could maybe have some more work done on them but I didn’t want to overload them. Pretty happy. Love the light in this.

Some intermediates

Sketching and Stretching

I’ve been neglecting the painting sticks a little lately but am back in the saddle now.    Since the Charles Reid course is less than a month away I’ve committed to doing something (sketching/painting) each day until then.   Here are the first two sketch attempts.

Here is the corner of the law school.  I thought this might work up into a nice painting  – more of that downscreen.

And here’s the divinity school.  A little scrappier as I was sitting in full sun and didn’t want to hang around too long.

Here’s the start of a painting from the law school sketch.    Even though I thought I tried to make a good composition I failed – two trees, one each side of the picture, make it too symmetrical.  However I’m not too unhappy at this point.

Oh.   I’m struggling here.   Fairly happy with the foliage – I was trying hard to get the impression of leafy detail without actually putting it in.   Doesn’t hang together though and the color sucks.  I’ll push it a little farther but this one will go to the back of the cupboard.

Portrait – In Progress and Finished

Edit:   This is what I’m calling finished.  

I’ve shied away from portraits up until now because, well, they’re hard.  But I bit the bullet this afternoon and started this.  It’s not too bad although she does look like she has a black eye. – I’m pretty happy so far so let’s hope I don’t ruin it.
Edit:  After posting the progress on

 and getting some very useful comments I decided to trace the original reference and overlay on the painting.

So there are indeed a few things wrong.  The nose is too long, the left eye is at the wrong angle and the ear is too high.  On the whole though I’m pretty happy – I will finish this one off and then try the drawing again to see if I can improve.

In Progress – Central Square

I took a fancy to the ornate windows on a building in central square and thought I’d make a picture of it.  This is part way through – I’m in two minds and am not sure whether it will pull together in the end.  Perspective is off due to the camera angle – I must learn to take photos square on.

Harvard University – Dillon Fieldhouse

Dillon Fieldhouse

Okay we’re done now.  The left hand tree is ok but I obviously should have considered the final composition before starting (duh!).  Also the photo emphasizes the slight inaccuracies in the drawing which aren’t as apparent in the real, much larger, painting.  This is a shame as I spent a long time trying to avoid this.

But all in all I’m pleased.

Dillon Fieldhouse sketch

The quick thumbnail working out the darks/lights and color choices.

Trying to apply lessons learned to a new subject.  Looking to have more unified colour,  better contrast and some clean verticals and horizontals in the building.

Dillon Fieldhouse Watercolor

Getting closer.

Owl : Art class – Autumn 2012 – finished and unfinished

Finished and in a custom mat.

Here he is in a close to finished state.  I still want to get some more depth to the eyes and tone down the blooms in the background but he’s almost there.

Yes here we are again with the owls.   I’m quietly confident this will turn out well.   I’m not actually going to do too much more on the body area – I’ll keep it loose and vague and put more detail in the face.

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