Last Commission Piece for Dunedin Florida Series

Dunedin, Florida. Michele Clamp. Watercolor.

The last piece in a commission I’ve been working on over the last couple of months. They’re all scenes from Dunedin, Florida 100 years ago or more. This one is one of the more recent scenes but I couldn’t resist the red and white striped roof.

Very pleased how they turned out. I just need to have them out in the studio for a few days to see how they sit with me.

Something Different – Alligator

Alligator. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 11”x14”

Or maybe a crocodile? I’m unclear as to the difference.

But anyway. Something happened today that doesn’t usually happen to me. I couldn’t think what to paint. Nothing was presenting itself as interesting and I almost gave it up as a bad job. But as I was noodling through some pictures of Marco Island I thought – alligators! They have a lot of those in Florida don’t they? So an alligator (or crocodile?) it was.

I wanted this to be quite subtle and to only suggest the bobbly skin they have. This left the definition in the teeth and eyes. I think he’s rather handsome.