It was Friday and I was shattered after a week of chasing files and when I wasn’t doing that chasing grants.    So I took myself off in the Boris car for an afternoon’s painting and to hell with it.

I was all togged out.  Folding stool – check, hat – check, brolly – check, paints/brushes/water – check.

This was the result of an hour’s painting by the Arlington reservoir and I’m rather chuffed with it.  It’s unfinished as it started to rain and I discovered how hard it is trying to hold a brolly in one hand, a brush in the other and not to get everything wet and paint all over myself.

A fruity warmup

Just to get the brushes going.   Moved up to a 12 from an 8 – much easier to get some dry brush (not that you can see much here) on standard paper.

Tried to follow some of Charles Reid’s instructions – use local color and don’t differentiate objects from surroundings.   Didn’t really succeed on the last.

Also tried to get a greater value range – definitely feeling the power of this now.