More News! Daily Paintworks Featured Artist for September 2019

Mystic Bridge, CT

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It’s been a hectic week! Great news yesterday that I’m a featured artist in the
Daily Paintworks August

2019 competition for my Mystic Bridge painting.

It’s in the bag 2019


It’s that time of year again.  It’s the Post Road Art “It’s in the bag” competition.   $33 gets you a bag of materials and you have to work your magic to create something.    This year it was a doozy!   This is what we got : 



Prominent in the bag were materials for making poured acrylic paintings.   Now this is something I have absolutely no experience with.   After a bit of googling and YouTubing I worked out that you put a lot of paint in a cup,  pour it onto a board, shoogle it around a bit, drop in some alcohol ink and voila! Painting. 

It’s a lot harder than it looks. 

I got paint everywhere.  On the table,  up my nose (!) on my tea mug, everywhere.  This is what I finally ended up with : 



Kinda cool but I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot more of it.   And what I forgot was that these things take days to dry so I didn’t even get to enter it into the competition. 

So what to do?   Birds of course!   I first thought of a peacock but after trying I wasn’t happy.   I next thought of a toucan which seemed like a better bet but I messed up the beak which blew out into a big purple splodge.   This one ended up being the poured one above.    

After coming back to the peacock I decided I quite liked it so it was one of my entries.    Since I didn’t have anything to lose I tried the toucan again in a more traditional manner and he came out quite well.  Here he is : 



Phew – all framed up and submitted.  Why do I always leave these things to the last minute? 



Blue Jay in the Bag!


There’s nothing like a competition to get me out of a rut.    This week is ‘It’s in the bag’ competition from Post Road Art in Marlborough.   You pay $30, get a random selection of materials and make anything you want with them.

Being pretty much a 100% watercolor painter I was a bit worried when I saw such things as acrylic,  iridescent paints,  bead gel (?) and wax crayons.  Not to mention bits of wire and thread.  Hmmmmm.


Well I had nothing to lose.  As the materials were unfamiliar I plumped for a familiar subject and chose a rather fetching blue jay.   Working mostly by trial and error I was rather pleased how he came out.   I felt especially ‘creative’ by using the wrapper of the crayon to make the branch.