Cambridge MA Finished

Cambridge MA. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 14”x11”

Cambridge Street, MA

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Finally finished this one and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Just enough looseness to give it life but precision where it needs it.

And here it is on my new hanging wall. This is my pride and joy right now. I used to put things on shelves in my old studio but everything got really cluttered very quickly. Now I can hang things immediately so I can see how they look.

Marlborough Baptist Church – Done

Marlborough Baptist Church. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 16”x20”

Main Street, Marlborough, MA

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Finally finished. I left it on the easel for a couple of days and added a few finishing touches but it didn’t really need anything. Very pleased with this. It didn’t come out quite as I’d expected but it developed its own character as it went along. Always happy when that happens.

Zakim Bridge from Boston Naval Yard Study

I’ve been wrestling with this view of the Zakim bridge from Boston Naval Yard for a while. It has a lot of contrast and my first try I overdid the value range completely. So after finishing the heron this morning I thought I’d just do a quick freehand value sketch with no prior drawing and see how it came out. I think I might finally be onto something. Going in with the mid values first, then the darks and then the lighter values helped enormously to tie this together. Let’s see how it turns out with a full size attempt.

Last Commission Piece for Dunedin Florida Series

Dunedin, Florida. Michele Clamp. Watercolor.

The last piece in a commission I’ve been working on over the last couple of months. They’re all scenes from Dunedin, Florida 100 years ago or more. This one is one of the more recent scenes but I couldn’t resist the red and white striped roof.

Very pleased how they turned out. I just need to have them out in the studio for a few days to see how they sit with me.