WetCanvas October 2012 Challenge

Finished attempt at the October 
wetcanvas challenge

.   Wasn’t really looking forward to this one but it was quite enjoyable in the end.    The scene was quite tricky and I haven’t done it justice but it was fun to do the distant sunlit mountains.   The portion in shade on the left hand side was a bit of a failure but I decided to leave it be.
BTW – the white sections are snow and not, as James helpfully commented, bits that I’ve forgotten to do.

A quick prelim sketch to rough out the lights and darks.

The underwashes which include the finished sky.

We have the start of the sunlit mountains in the background, the midground trees and some forground work.  Leaving to dry so I can finish the foreground.

August Photo Challenge


The August


photo challenge is not something I would have chosen myself but that is part of the challenge.  Horses are hard and dressage horses doubly so.    At the end of everything I’m pretty happy – if you look through the preliminary sketches below you’ll see it was an uphill struggle.

The first sketch – how hard can horses be?  Very hard as it turns out – especially the human/horse size ratio.

A  small watercolor sketch – can’t really put things off any longer.

Not too shabby!   Clip clop!

And here is the result.  Done from a photo that was set as the July 2012 challenge at

. My water reflections need a bit of work – first time for these so it was always going to be touch and go.
Have to admit that I didn’t use the purple at all – it didn’t really fit.  The others came together pretty well though – I’m not displeased.   Well done and much thanks to James.