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The struggle continues...

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Two versions of the March wetcanvas watercolor challenge. And boy was it a challenge. One step forward and then two back.

Still Life - WetCanvas Wedgewood Tea Set Challenge

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Wedgewood tea set. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 8”x10”

They’re coming thick and fast today. This is my stab at the wetcanvas February watercolor challenge. A pretty tricky subject with all those ellipses but came out well.

Here’s the original image

Cheeky Giraffe

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Cheeky giraffe.   Michele Clamp watercolor.   11"x14"

I had a new batch of Fabriano Artistico paper delivered today which I've been waiting for as paper supplies have run low.    After unpacking the goodies, however, I was sitting around procrastinating and being indecisive about what to paint.    I couldn't face yet another Lake Bled fiasco (I have yet another one that I couldn't face posting) but then remembered it is the start of a new month and wetcanvas.com would have a new challenge.

And a rather fine challenge it was.   Enormous fun to paint this.    Lots of lovely purples in the shadows which you wouldn't expect at first sight.   Turns out giraffes have very strange faces but it came out extremely well.   Hooray for Fabriano Artistico and wetcanvas.com

Cold Comfort Farm

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Actually I don't know where this is.     Definitely cold comfort though.    It's another wetcanvas.com challenge and very challenging it was too.   Sometimes I wonder whether I'm going in the right direction.    This should be one where I try it again and again until I get it right but I'm not enamoured of the subject so may just put it down to experience.

The sketch looks pretty good though.


Lake Garda Boats

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Lake Garda Boats

A marathon session today.    This is the April challenge from WetCanvas and they're always, well, challenging.    See this one from February which took me 3 goes before I got something non embarrassing.   Now this isn't perfect and it is also at a much bigger size than I usually do (16x22 - might not sound much bigger but it really makes a difference) but considering my past form on these things I'm not too unhappy.

Part way through.   Initial washes are on and boats blocked in.  The drawing is pretty on the mark which always helps enormously.

The original photo.   Look at all those boats!!!  My colors are rather drab in comparison but not too bad for a first go.

Edit:  This has *really* grown on me over the last two weeks it’s been up in my studio.   Always the sign of a good painting.      I think he deserves promotion to the inventory pages.


Croston Bridge - Day 7 of 30 in 30

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Boy this was a struggle.  Mostly with color choices and I'm not really happy with what came out.   I don't usually have a problem with muddy color but with these kinds of scenes I default to a sludgy grey.  Never mind.

First the drawing.  Usually I start with the most interesting piece but with this kind of scene getting the bridge arch right was important so I started there.

Next in with some under washes.  In this case this may have been a mistake as it set the trend for dull color.

Things were starting to go wrong from here on in.

Almost there.  I was at the stage of - try anything, it can't get any worse.

The final result.

More Sketchbook Stuff - Windermere Boathouse

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Part of a


 challenge and also done in my new sketchbook (Strathmore 400 -140lb cold press - 5x7).   One of these frustrating ones that started out shakily, got better and better and then ended up rather underwhelming.


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Borrowdale in the lake district in the UK.  A wetcanvas challenge.  The photo was actually larger and had some rocks and people in the foreground but I ran out of time and enthusiasm.  I was more interested in capturing the fields and trees in the valley and am pretty pleased overall.

One thing I did try here was the 'Mr Bead' approach that Joseph Zbukvic uses where you keep the paint wet and the paper at an angle so it pools in a line at the bottom of the painted area.    If this is there then you can always go back in with a fresh brush and keep the wash soft and blended.  Somehow it's easier to get good color too compared to wetting first and then painting.

Still Life

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From wetcanvas.com monthly challenge.   Twas fun.

Art Class - Scraping and Salt

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Heidi was showing us how to create texture effects using salt and scraping pigment with the wrong end of a brush or stick.  I didn't have anything suitable to hand so here we have some cardinals and a lighthouse.  Both are 'challenge' pictures - the cardinals are for the facebook page 'Paint Colorful Birds for Fun'  and the lighthouse is for the monthly wetcanvas.com challenge.


This came out rather blander than I expected although I was pretty happy with the rocks.