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Sketch of a Victorian House, Hudson, MA

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Victorian House, Hudson, MA

I had a real stinker of a painting day earlier this week. I wanted to work up one of the Naval Shipyard scenes from our plein air session a couple of weeks ago. Failed so badly I’m too ashamed to post it. So it was back to the drawing board to work out what went wrong.

This was an attempt to work on capturing shadows on buildings in a more subtle way. I wanted to capture the effect of sunlight on the building - especially the roof areas that had just enough value change but no more. I’m fairly happy with this. I could maybe have gone a little darker in the shadow sides (or may be a little lighter on the sunlit sides) but it has a sense of strong sunlight which I like. I’ll probably revisit this and push it slightly to see what happens.

Memorial Church, Harvard Yard

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Memorial Church, Harvard Yard. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 14”x11”

Memorial Church, Harvard Yard
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I started this yesterday and was in two minds as to which way it would go. As it turned out it wasn’t a disaster but not a triumph either. I had quite a lot of trouble with the trees and in hindsight I should have cropped closer. Not a bad effort though.

A couple of intermediate shots :

Redbones in Davis Square

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Redbone, Davis Square. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 14”x11”

Stylistically something different. Much tighter than usual and it gave me all sorts of trouble. I had one of those - ‘it’s ruined so I can’t make it any worse’ moments yesterday. But I soldiered on and it came together quite well.

James and I have spent many evenings in the basement of Redbones. Brisket and enormous beers - happy days.

Just one intermediate today: This was at the end of the first session and I was somewhat glum

Memorial Hall Sketch

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Memorial Hall, Harvard Yard, Michele Clamp.

So when you have a meeting unexpectedly cut short and it's a sunny day and you're walking across Harvard Yard - time for a sketch!

Memorial Church, Harvard Yard

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This is the first outing for my planned Harvard series.   Step-by-steps below.

Starting off with the light washes - mainly cobalt blue and quin gold.   Made (reasonably) sure to leave white highlights on the side of the tower and the corner knobbly bits.

Layer 2.   Strengthening up the shadows on the tower and putting more color into the foliage.  This is where I start to get nervous - I want to strengthen up the shadows without losing intensity.  The next layer is crucial.

Layer 3.  Have I mucked it up yet?   What I need to do now is add in some strong darks without losing freshness.   Those trees are worrying me too.  Fingers crossed.

The final thing.   Didn't go mad with the dark accents on the tower itself but strengthened up the windows a little.   Put in some foliage emphasizing the edge leaves and leaving the middle with less detail.

I'm going to leave it here.   Pretty happy.