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Memorial Hall - Harvard

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Boy oh boy was this hard.  I've been dreading doing this and have been putting it off.  On the plus side all my palettes are now perfectly clean and buffed.   Many things wrong here but I thought it was better to leave it than keep fiddling.

(Edit 1 : Ooooh those people are painful.  Sometimes waiting a couple of days  improves a painting but not in this case.)

(Edit 2: Ok - cropped to remove the people.  Couldn't take it any more)

The drawing - all is good.
 First washes - still good.  Optimism is high.

I'm still feeling good here.  In hindsight just doing the tower would have been a good idea.    I like the fading out in the shadows and just the suggestion of detail.

Working my way down.   Was getting a little bogged down here - the left hand roof is insipid and I'm putting off getting into those trees.

The end result.  The trees weren't so bad in the end but this was a real struggle to pull together.  I can see numerous things I'd like to change but they can wait.
This is the original photo.   When I was drawing this out I changed my first drawing to make the tower taller.   Comparing the two side by side I now see that this isn't the case.  However, it feels better with the taller tower and it's how I remember it from seeing it in real life.

Harvard Yard - number 2 in progress and finished

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First Church, Cambridge, MA from Harvard Yard

Finished.   Not a patch on the other one unfortunately.    I'm thinking about doing another with a much more muted palette.

So this is number two on my Harvard Yard series.   Not going too well so far.   It's getting very tight and I'm at the point where I start to panic and just splash paint about.  Never ends well.  Too dark to paint now so it will have to wait.