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French Villages - Disaster Edition

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I knew going in that this was going to be a stretch.   But I labored on and although it's by no means a success there are parts that came together.    The dark walls and ceiling have some ice rich color and texture and there's some subtlety in the shadow areas that I like.    But definitely an experiment for me.

French Villages - Day 9

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Well this didn't go well.   Almost didn't post this at all.   Brushes were almost flung aside in disgust but for completeness here it is.   I'm not going to comment right now but will post a collage and commentary next.  Hopefully I can formulate a plan and see if I can glean some insight from this set of 9 village paintings.

Anyway - here are the intermediates :

Droopy Tulips

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There's one thing you can always expect from this painting lark - unpredictability.    This was done from a lovely photo from my fellow painter Bobbi Heath 


Isn't it great?    And it *should* have been extremely paintable.   Lovely big flowers,  long straight leaves framing the blooms,   good outline,   crisp shadows.   It had everything going for it.    Unfortunately I just could not do it justice and the painting is not so much finished but abandoned and left for dead.



Great shame.  The drawing was fine - lovely shapes, fills the page well.

Just couldn't get there with the paint.  Do I try again?   Come back to it in a few days.   Pffft.   Maybe take up golf?

Edit:   It's been a couple of days and this has grown on me a lot.    A closer crop improves things no end and it's now allowed out of the studio.   Sometimes it goes like this - the struggle of painting overshadows the end result.

The Final Frontier - Day 20 of 30 in 30

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Never let it be said I stay within my comfort zone.   This was always going to be a challenge and so it proved.    It's fair to say I don't really know what I'm doing at the best of times when painting but this was blundering around in the dark from start to finish.    In the end I just gave up and admitted defeat.

I do like the white van with the man behind.  But that's about it.

Anyway - this is going to be my challenge for the next ten days.   How to get a handle on these busy street scenes.   I have 10 days - fingers crossed there'll be some improvements.  I'll post a before and after at the end of the challenge.

Some of the bad stuff - life class

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I post almost everything I do.  The odd doodle doesn't make it and there was a spate of truly awful stuff last summer that never made it in but on the whole there's no filter.    After a really bad life class I was just going to bin these and forget about it but I thought I'd put them here so they're on the record.   Actually at the back of my mind I'm intending to use these as examples of how not to do things when I finally get round to teaching.  These will be perfect.

Nothing came together in this session.  Couldn't draw,  couldn't paint,   had trouble 'seeing' things.  It was very frustrating.

St Aldates - Disaster strikes.

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St Aldates, Oxford

Well I think I'm officially overreaching now.    I was in two minds whether to post this at all as it was ridiculously overambitious.

Art Class - a bad day at the office

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It was a real bad day at the office and then a metaphorical bad day at the office when I finally got the brushes out.   This was the best of the bunch - just a 15 minute doodle of rocks.

So this is what happens when things go wrong :

This was the main task of the night - build up flowers with different colored layers.   Hmm.  Not great huh?

This was my play around picture while I was waiting for the daffodil layers to dry.   Again not much to write home about.

Muse Vacation

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(Edit: 23rd December 2012.   Put some extra colour in the sky, brick detail on the house, some branches and more foliage.  Does it help?)

Yeah well I don't know what it is with me and subject matter right now.  Let's just say you can't win them all.

What was I trying here?  I was trying the old Sterling Edwards mid-tones/darks/glazes/detail 4 step thing combined with a bit of John Lovett's pale washes contrasting with dark line work.

Neither worked.

Here he is half way through.  Frankly this was better.