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Cambridge MA

Cambridge in Fall

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Cambridge in Fall. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 19”x14”

This year is the year of entering into shows. I’ve got 3 submissions in already and one has already been accepted. The deadline for the New England Watercolor Society was today and I’ve been procrastinating. Part of the reason is that this is one of the more prestigious shows and I’ve been in two minds about submitting anything. I’ve also been undecided as to what kind of picture to submit. Having visited some shows over the past 6 months the pieces that get accepted have a certain ‘showiness’ to them. This isn’t something that comes easy to me as I either prefer the quiet subtle scenes or the very loose moment in time scenes. But in the end I plumped for this scene of Mt Auburn St in Cambridge. I’ve had a few goes at this before with varying results but have never quite nailed it.

This one is almost there and I bit the bullet and submitted. We will see how it does.

Mt Auburn St, Cambridge - Take 2

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Mt Auburn St, Cambridge MA. Michele Clamp. Watercolor on Yup 12”x9”

I was quite pleased with the first version of this but then I had a crazy idea of trying a second version on Yupo paper. This is a synthetic paper which doesn’t absorb paint or water which means the paint behaves in a completely different way to cotton paper.

I had a blast with this and, due to the non absorbent nature of the surface. the colors remain bright and vivid. There were regions where the paint just didn’t stick at all - see on the left - but it was definitely worthwhile having a go.

I had a final experiment on hot press paper (4th in the collage). I don’t think I’m done with this scene yet but I’ll take a break for now.

Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA

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14”x11”/20”x16” matted.

Another view of Cambridge that I often encountered in my travels.

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This is another scene I’ve been wanting to paint for a while. Colors came out well and also the sense of late autumn afternoon sunshine.

Also the preparatory sketch :

Church of St Paul, Cambridge MA

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Church of St Paul, Cambridge MA. Michele Clamp watercolor. 10”x8”/16”x12” matted.

This is a view of St Paul’s church as you walk down Quincy St in Cambridge MA. I used to pass this weekly on my way to Central Square and the sight always made me happy. So of course I had to paint it. Came out nice and loose and I’m rather pleased.

I had meant this to be my entry into the next round of Post Road Art’s small works show. Stupidly I made it too big as the length + width can only be 25” and I’m at 18” without a mat or frame. The deadline is tomorrow and I have nothing else small enough left in the archives to enter. Nothing for it but to get up early and measure first before I paint.