Wild Primroses with Paul Foxton

Wild Primroses. Michele Clamp. Oil on panel. 10”x8”

Today was the final session in Paul Foxton’s Threads group and it was a bit sad as I’ve enjoyed these livestreams and Paul’s teaching enormously. I put extra effort in on this study and I think it paid off. Many thanks to Paul and I wish him all the best.


Poppies. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 11″x14″

I have a new lighting and camera setup in the studio and so it had to be tested and what better than a couple of poppies. I started by breaking down the blooms into light and shadow and then layered over the subtle crinkles of the poppes. Tried very hard to not overwhelm the overall lights and shadows otherwise all is lost and any three dimensionality evaporates. The background foliage went in in two layers and a used the darks to bring the petals forward and define the overall shape of the flowers. Just about got away with it and managed to stop fiddling before everything was ruined.

There’s also a video of the whole thing in all the gory detail.