Paul Foxton Workshop – Jug Study

Today was the September online workshop in Paul Foxton’s

course. Paul is an oil painter and a fabulous teacher and I’ve gained an enormous amount from his teaching and watching him paint. I highly recommend people take a look at his work and what he has to say.

We’ve been doing a lot of value studies but today was a color study. I did a lot of color matching and the Munsell chips were put to good use. I was really quite pleased with the end result. It’s not the style of painting I would usually use but it’s refreshing to do something in a different way. His focus is very much on learning to identify values and colors exactly and to be able to replicate them. IT’s an extremely useful skill to acquire and a great starting point for whatever direction you wish to go in.

Evening Fields

Evening Fields. Michele Clamp. Watercolor 11”x14”

I painted a small sketch of this a while ago and decided to do a larger version for class next week. I usually find that scaling up a painting isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. The washes behave differently and you have to alter your technique to handle the larger areas. But this time it worked out – I think we’ll have a blast doing this on Tuesday.

Edit: The following videos are a short timelapse of the painting and the full 1hr 30min demo with me burbling alongside.

Newton Watercolor Society – First Prize Winner for Wildlife


Well this should stop my grumbling for a while. I received this email a while ago and boy am I chuffed! So much thanks to the juror Barry Van Dusen and Gitty Schacher and all at Newton Watercolor Society for choosing this for first place in the ‘Best Wildlife’ category. Lovely comments from Barry – it seems I managed to pull off what I was hoping for. The show will be online only in October – more details as I know them. Very excited about this and many congratulations to all the other winners.

Still life Color Matching Study

Fruit Still Life with Jug. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 11”x14”

Although everything came out ok in the end I made the classic mistake of being overconfident going into this. As it is a study I was concentrating hard on getting the colors and values as close as I could (apart from some of the grey shadows which were too drab) and I almost lost my way. Lesson learned – never let down your guard or watercolor will bite you.

Here is the original photo.

And finally I made a video of the painting process for those interested.

Garlic and Lemon Value Study

Garlic and lemon value study.

This month in
Paul Foxton’s Threads workshop

it was a value study. I didn’treally think this through and started on my normal 11”x14” paper. Far too big!!!! So much paint on that background and to be honest I just gave up at this point and called it done. Was interesting though – it really gets you looking at values and you soon sharpen up and can see really small changes. Maybe gouache next time?