Nighttime Doodling

Noodling on the ipad last night I tested drawing some people from imagination. Tricky but quite satisfying.

Kursaal Take Two

I was quite encouraged by yesterday’s effort but wanted to have another go to put in more value contrast and also more color.

Well I managed the value contrast (although the darks in the tower were a bad idea). but failed miserably on the color. Too much to think about at once maybe. I think it’s worth another go though.

Yay Daffodils – Paul Foxton Paintalong Livestream

Daffodils. Michele Clamp. Watercolor. 14”x11”

The wonderful
Paul Foxton

is continuing his livestream painting sessions during the corona virus lockdown and I managed to actually catch him live and be organized enough to get the reference photo printed out in readiness.

I think I really quite like this one. It has an ethereal quality to it that I like and considering that daffodils are

hard to paint it was pretty successful.

More Paul Foxton Flowers


Paul Foxton

is doing daily livestreams of his wonderful flower paintings. I’m popping in now and again to see what he’s up to and painting along when I can. This is today’s effort which is not too shabby.

Freestyling Boats

There hasn’t been much fun in anything lately and that includes painting. We’re trying to get some online classes going which is turning out to be somewhat annoying but we’ll iron out the wrinkles I’m sure. I couldn’t muster up much interest in thinking about anything so I just painted freely without much thought.

Came out pretty well I thought.

Flowers – Paul Foxton Edition

Paul Foxton

is doing a series of livestream paintalongs on facebook. I always enjoy watching him paint and he’s encouraging us to do our own versions as he paints. Now he paints in oils and I’m doing watercolor which adds a bit of interest to the whole thing. This isn’t really how I like to paint but I entered into the spirit of things and painted as faithfully to the photo as I could. I really like how the flowers came out and parts of the bottle and it was a really useful 90 minutes.

Here’s a closeup of the full thing.