Flowers – Paul Foxton Edition

Paul Foxton

is doing a series of livestream paintalongs on facebook. I always enjoy watching him paint and he’s encouraging us to do our own versions as he paints. Now he paints in oils and I’m doing watercolor which adds a bit of interest to the whole thing. This isn’t really how I like to paint but I entered into the spirit of things and painted as faithfully to the photo as I could. I really like how the flowers came out and parts of the bottle and it was a really useful 90 minutes.

Here’s a closeup of the full thing.

0 thoughts on “Flowers – Paul Foxton Edition

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      This is actually a demo piece and has some miscellaneous sketches on the back. If you don’t mind that it could certainly be matted up for sale. Let me know what you think?

  1. Michele,

    I really like it a lot. We have blue herons on the farm, this year with a rookery. They have been amazing to watch. I would love to have this painting for the house. I don’t mind sketches on the back! What would your price be? Thank you!

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