New Printer!

Our trusty Canon pixma printer gave up the ghost last week in the middle of printing out teaching materials. After some back and forth we bit the bullet and bought a shiny new
Epson 7750

. I’m very excited about this as I can now scan paintings and print them out at actual size (most of mine are 11”x15”).

I have to admit there has been some fannying about before getting to this point. First, the scanner is only 8.5”x11” so there was a morning of working out how to stitch the scans together. Some things like

were overkill but then I found

. from Matthew Brown which so far has done a fantastic job with only a couple of clicks. No more dodgy iphone photos for me – scans all the way.

Getting prints to the right quality wasn’t quite as straightforward as I’d first thought. The paper makes a huge difference and, although the prints on
Epson’s premium matte presentation paper

weren’t bad the
Strathmore watercolor inkjet paper

gave the most faithful color and texture representation.

Sadly the Strathmore doesn’t come in sizes bigger than 8.5×11” so I ordered some of the larger Epson watercolor inkjet paper to see how that fared. In the meantime I thought I’d just use some of my cheaper cotton watercolor paper and see how that did. I wasn’t expecting much but I have to say I’m really impressed. If you have them side by side and look really closely you can see the difference but the differences are really very small. A good result I think.

And here he is in all his glory. A bit of a beast but he just fits on the filing cabinet.

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