Learning Time – Zbukvic Day 4

Well that was one hell of a day. Sometimes you just want to pack everything up, put it on ebay, and take up golf. And I hate golf.

Only 3 paintings done today and none went well. Muddy washes, dodgy backgrounds, clumsy finishing flourishes. Nothing worked.

But let’s go through them anyway. Number one :

This was probably the most successful. Nice light on the sunlit part of the building and the foreground shadows work well. Not much else to recommend it though.

Onto number 2 :

Blergh. Not much to say about this. Didn’t enjoy it one bit.

And number 3:

I’d been quite looking forward to doing this as lighter buildings with dark accents are generally easier. It was not to be however.

Takeaways :

  • I’m fed up.

  • I probably need to stop doing these before I lose all enjoyment.

  • I’m fed up.

The main thing that is so frustrating is that I have no idea how to improve these. I know they’re bad – I just can’t see what to change to make them better.