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French Villages - Day 8

cityscapeMichele ClampComment

Day 8.   More buildings.   I skipped the value study again today which was probably a mistake but I'm still not convinced they make a huge difference.

After yesterday's extremely limited palette which was a bit more extreme than I intended I pulled back a bit color wise.    I think this works better and definitely better than the zappo reds and greens of two days ago.    Not over the moon with this - I wanted to catch the light on the buildings and the church tower more but didn't get there.    I like the sky - a soft grey wash on top which warms up with cadium orange below.  I even like the water sploshes which add interest.  The trees are reasonable - definitely better greens here mostly made out of burnt sienna and indigo.   The buildings I'm so-so about but I've definitely done worse.

Some intermediates :  the initial drawing :

This is where a value study could have helped.   Some awkwardness in the roof angles crept in which I should have caught.

Next - the sky and first washes :

Good texture in the foreground trees.   The roofs are a bit meh.

Starting to beef up the church and the roofs.    There's some nice variation in the roof colors which was done by adding color and dripping water in wet in wet.