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French Villages - Day 6

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Michele Clamp - French village number 6. Watercolor on paper, 11"x14", 2018

For a change I was quite looking forward to this one as it has a lot more interest than some of the previous ones.   And to be fair there's a lot of good here.  Trees came out well,   I managed to keep the lights for the sign and the church hangs together reasonably well.    But to be honest I was bored and the final picture is just a bit dull.  It's all a bit too literal.

But let's go through the process.  First the value sketch:


Yeah not bad.  Plenty to work with here.   Learning from yesterday I'm not making the trees too dark and also varying across the picture.  Think it's working.  Onto the final drawing :


Yup no problems here.  Shapes are good.  Not too much detail. Onto the first washes:

Still feeling pretty good.  Maybe a bit worried about the color in the church.


It was about here that I started to lose interest.    I wasn't particularly happy with the church and my enthusiasm for the trees was waning.   I mean - it looks fine but just a bit dull.

Almost finished thankfully.   The left hand trees came out well although they are very GREEN!  

The final thing.    As I felt things weren't going anywhere I beefed up a few areas.   Darkened the foreground and put more color in the sky.   Don't think I made it worse.

So all in all everything was a bit 'meh'.   If I had to do it again I'd probably make the church larger and the main focus (I am meant to be doing buildings aren't I?)  My favorite bit is probably the sign in the foreground which says something.