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French Villages - Day 3

cityscapeMichele ClampComment

Day three of the french village project.    I haven't been looking forward to this one but I started out well with, for me, a good value sketch :

I worked quite a while on this and worked through a lot of the value problems.   I decided to darken up the roofs and emphasise the darks and lights in the middle band across the center of the picture.    I was confident that this would translate into a good painting.

Everything started out well.   The drawing went fine :

The first washes were good :

And things kept on going well.   The darks in the roof and the buildling went in well and the start of the greenery looked fine :

And then somehow I couldn't pull it all together.    In hindsight I was attempting far too much detail and should have kept things simple.    Grrrr!