Michele Clamp Art

French Villages - Day 1

cityscapeMichele ClampComment

I really need to generate some inventory but I'm on a mission trying to push this style and can't let go.   

I wouldn't usually tackle a view like this with washes and dry brush and glazing the shadows.   I'd tackle it all in one and make sure to lose a lot of edges and soften things up quite a lot.  I'd also usually throw in a lot more color (for better or worse).

So how am I feeling about this?   Not desperately unhappy but not over the moon and it definitely won't make it to the inventory page.   The values seem ok to me  - maybe the darks are a little too dark in places.  Color is ok - no jelly beans.   One thing I really struggled with was trying to get some texture into the dark shadows.   I was splattering, adding in color, overglazing,   spritzing water drops but all to pretty much no avail.   Shame.

An intermediate shot: