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Prep Work and a Test

Michele ClampComment

This is a real departure.    First off I’ve been asked to do a much larger painting than normal.   About 4x6 feet in fact.    My first thought was that you can’t get paper that big!   I then remembered reading about painting on canvas that had been prepped with special absorbent ground so the watercolor would stick.   This is my first test on a 18x24 board with 2 coats of ground on it.   It’s different to say the least but I quite like the effect it gives.   I’m a bit worried that the paint isn’t actually sticking to it properly so more investigation will have to be done about fixing it permanently.

The subject is science with an emphasis on chemistry.   My initial thoughts have been a somewhat abstract periodic table surrounded by atomic diagrams,  molecular structures and a dna helix swirling about.     We’ll see how things develop.  I’m pretty confident so far.