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Droopy Tulips

Michele ClampComment



There's one thing you can always expect from this painting lark - unpredictability.    This was done from a lovely photo from my fellow painter Bobbi Heath 


Isn't it great?    And it *should* have been extremely paintable.   Lovely big flowers,  long straight leaves framing the blooms,   good outline,   crisp shadows.   It had everything going for it.    Unfortunately I just could not do it justice and the painting is not so much finished but abandoned and left for dead.



Great shame.  The drawing was fine - lovely shapes, fills the page well.

Just couldn't get there with the paint.  Do I try again?   Come back to it in a few days.   Pffft.   Maybe take up golf?

Edit:   It's been a couple of days and this has grown on me a lot.    A closer crop improves things no end and it's now allowed out of the studio.   Sometimes it goes like this - the struggle of painting overshadows the end result.