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Daisies after a break.

flowersMichele ClampComment


There's a phrase 'It never gets easier, you just get better'.     This definitely applies to painting and, after a week's break,  I'm not convinced about the better.    This is a small 5x7 which is much smaller than I'm used to and you'd think would be easier.  However smaller has it's own challenges.   Less room for mistakes for one.  Each mark *really* has to count and stands out if it doesn't.   

It was interesting doing the close crop and filling in the whole space for once.  I'm keen on leaving quite a lot of white space around subjects so this was a departure.   It was quite liberating.  The background became more abstract (even though it's obviously stalks and leaves and things) and provided a contrast to bring the flowers into relief.

So as usual it was a struggle but a worthwhile struggle.   I like this very much and will likely do some more.


5"x7"/8"x10" matted.

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