Small Paintings – First Baptist, Marlborough

I don’t usually do copies of paintings but I was in a bit of a bind this morning. The deadline for the small works exhibition was today and I had absolutely nothing of the right size to enter. As time was short I settled on painting one of my favorite subjects in recent months in a 5×7 format as opposed to a 11×14. Turns out it takes as much time painting a small painting as it does a big one – with extra fiddlyness.

Church of St Paul, Cambridge MA

Church of St Paul, Cambridge MA. Michele Clamp watercolor. 10”x8”/16”x12” matted.


10”x8”/16”x12” matted.

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This is a view of St Paul’s church as you walk down Quincy St in Cambridge MA. I used to pass this weekly on my way to Central Square and the sight always made me happy. So of course I had to paint it. Came out nice and loose and I’m rather pleased.

I had meant this to be my entry into the next round of Post Road Art’s small works show. Stupidly I made it too big as the length + width can only be 25” and I’m at 18” without a mat or frame. The deadline is tomorrow and I have nothing else small enough left in the archives to enter. Nothing for it but to get up early and

first before I paint.

Subtlety and Restraint

Coming back to painting after a break is tricky. Normally when painting every day (or almost) . new ideas come quickly out of recent paintings. Sitting down at the easel cold after a couple of weeks away and there’s a period of indecision where you’re asking ‘So what shall I paint?’ Normally a quick bird can get the brushes flowing again but I did one yesterday and wasn’t feeling the pull today.

The outcome was a couple of quick(ish) sketches on cheap paper. The first came out a little garish so in the second I tried for more restraint in color and value but without making things insipid. I’m actually quite pleased and the cheap paper didn’t give me too much grief either.

Saw-Whet Owl Revisited

An owl commission came in last week for a saw-whet owl. There’s always a bit of pressure with commissions as you never know whether the magic will appear at the right moment. After a little bit of a shaky start this little chap came together well. I wanted to keep the intensity of the eyes and everything else a little loose. Very pleased – let’s see if the customer likes it as much as I do.